Fincar vs. Proscar

finasteride generic brand in india Proscar is an original brand remedy designed by the corporation Merck. The basis for the pill is the active ingredient Finasteride. It offers antitumor effect, acts as a steroid and, therefore, directly affects male hormones. It essentially suppresses 5-alpha-reductase, which helps testosterone have effect on the growth of the prostate. It has been developed for patients with not malignant prostate enlargement. The action of finasteride is directed towards liberating urinary tracts and helping the urination happen naturally, and also towards eliminating the possibility to develop prostate cancer. It is also known as an effective remedy to fight hereditary hair loss in men thanks to its testosterone-modulating activity. This pill has many generic versions, and the best finasteride generic brand in india is, undoubtedly, Fincar.

Fincar is one of the many generic versions of the original pill, and also one of the most popular generics for preventing and curing the balding process. In its essence, it has the same chemical substance Finasteride and different secondary substances. If we compare generic finasteride vs brand, they both have a similar effect because of the active ingredient, although the content of the generic does not precisely copy the brand pill.

generic finasteride vs brandBoth remedies can be purchased in the form of pills which are taken with a small amount of water. Finasteride is equally well ingested regardless of the food intake that follows or precedes it. The dosage for every 24 hours must not exceed 5 milligrams of the active ingredient, which is also a basic dosage contained in 1 pill. It is important to keep the pills intact, a crushed or broken pill does not guarantee the same effectivity. The remedy can also be administered in lower doses. The overdose cases have not been sufficiently studied, but the heavy effects that the remedy may have on the liver should keep you from taking more than is needed.

The administration of fincar or proscar is usually a lengthy process that lasts from 3 months (minimum) to 6 months and longer. The length of the consumption period must be individually decided on by your physician. If after 12 months the initial diagnosis worsens or does not manifest any improvements, you should stop taking the pill and see a doctor.

The two Finasteride-based pills have similar negative effects and contraindications. Because this active substance suppresses the activity of testosterone in the entire body, the following side effects may occur:

  • loss of libido, a weakened sexual drive
  • decreased ability to get or maintain an erection
  • enlargement of breasts and painful nipples

In case these negative effects create strong discomfort, you need to stop taking the pill and address your doctor for further advice. Before administering the pill, make sure you are not hypersensitive or allergic to any components of the remedy. Patients with renal issues and elderly patients can take the pill with no dosage alterations.