Fincar vs. Propecia

generic finasteride or brandA big pharmaceutical corporation called Merck has developed a chemical substance named Finasteride (commercial name Proscar). It was designed back in the 70s in order to remedy non-malignant prostate issues in men. This chemical is, in its essence, a blocker of 5-alpha-reductase, the protein that affects the life cycle of testosterone and turns it into DHT. The latter is responsible for growth of prostatic tissue, so Finasteride is what helps prevent and diminish the growth of this organ. It was later discovered that blocking DHT also helps to restore hair bulbs in males. As a result, a brand remedy Propecia was born, where a reduced dose of the active chemical was applied to remedy the issues of balding.

The market of generics offers a big number of generic analogs of both Proscar and Propecia. One of the most famous generic remedies that has the same effect as Proscar is called Fincar. It is developed by an Indian corporation, and has already proven its efficiency in men from many countries. Before taking generic finasteride or brand, it is essential to take into account the following features.

 Is generic Proscar the same as Propecia?

As described above, both Fincar and Propecia are built around the same chemical that produces the desired effect – Finasteride. Propecia has much lower amounts of the chemical per pill, however, since this remedy basically targets the issues with hair growth, and not the ones with prostate. Fincar is sold in the dose of 5 milligrams of the key substance per each pill, while Propecia pills only have 1 milligram. Your physician ought to be the one to help you choose the right remedy for you based on other health conditions that you have, among which the state of your liver, prostate health, age, hormonal balance and other important factors. When treating hair bulbs weakness, for some patients, the minimal dose of Propecia ought to be enough, while for others it may not do the trick.

generic proscar vs propeciaIf we compare the rest of the characteristics of generic proscar vs propecia, they are relatively the same. The pills are taken one time per day, and it does not matter what you accompany them with. The daily intake of the active chemical must never exceed 5 milligrams. Both remedies are created for prolonged administration, from 3 months to 1 year.

The hormonal action of the key ingredient will start immediately, but its effect on follicles will take some time. The blocking of dihydrotestosterone will eventually stop its negative effect on the follicles, letting them regenerate and produce new hair. This remedy can only be used in men for treating hereditary (androgenic, male) baldness, but this type of baldness occurs in more than 95% of cases.

Propecia or Fincar are not suited for women, and have the same contraindications and undesired effects. The negative consequences of taking the pill may result in difficulties with ejaculation, lower libido, swelled limbs, vertigos, loss of energy, headaches and rash. These manifestations often occur after the beginning of consumption and are expected pass after a short time.