Fincar – Finasteride 5 mg Tablets

cause a growth of the prostatic glandFincar is an antitumor hormone drug which favors a reduction of the tumor in the prostatic gland of men. This drug contains the active ingredient Finasteride. Finasteride has intensive antiandrogenic properties. It prevents a transformation of testosterone into more active androgenic hormones which cause a growth of the prostatic gland.

Fincar is produced by a pharmaceutical company Cipla which is located in India, and it is Generic Proscar. These medications have identical pharmacological properties because they contain similar amount of the active ingredient Finasteride – 5 mg.

It is clinically proved that Generic Finasteride 5 mg tablets help to stop progressing of the tumor of the prostatic gland and activate a reverse process. The symptoms of the disease may be reduced in a couple of months of the regular use of the drug, the natural urine outflow is restored, and pain and burning during urination disappear.

How Does Generic Proscar Work?

A pharmacological action is achieved by means of the unique molecular formula of the active ingredient Finasteride. In order to know how this drug works it is necessary to know a cause of the prostatic gland tumor.

The benign prostatic hyperplasia develops as a result of the age-related disorder of the metabolic processes when the level of testosterone is reduced, and the level of dihydrotestosterone is increased.

DihydrotestosteroneDihydrotestosterone is an androgenic hormone which may cause the increase of the prostatic gland. This process develops slowly, so that a man does not feel any symptoms on the initial stage of the pathology. In case of the significant increase of the prostate, urination is affected, and peculiar symptoms appear.

The action of Finasteride consists in the inhibition of 5-alpha reductase enzyme which produces dihydrotestosterone. In case of the reduced synthesis of this hormone, the increase of the prostatic gland is stopped and a reverse process is started.

Finasteride acts slowly but a therapeutic effect is stable and is kept during a long-term treatment. Therefore, the treatment is continued within 3-5 months.

A reduction of the daily dose may cause a reduction of the therapeutic effect, and the increase of the dose does not influence on the pharmacological action.

Moreover, it has been proved that Finasteride in the dose of 5 mg per day does not cause side effects and a physiological addiction. Therefore, men may take it within a year, without any breaks.

Is Finasteride safe?

Finasteride has passed an obligatory checkup and correspondence to the modern standards of safety. It is approved by FDA for the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia and pathologies related to the increase of the androgenic hormones in men. It is clinically proved that proper Fincar tablet use is not accompanied by the side effects in the body.

Generic Finasteride 5 mg onlineIn spite of the fact that Finasteride is a hormone drug, it influences on the natural physiological processes only and does not cause a hormone imbalance. The side effects may appear in rare cases, in the first 1-2 weeks of the drug use. These are:

  • Pain and itching in breast
  • Increased level of FSH and LH in the blood plasma
  • Light temporary decrease of the potency

Dangerous or permanent side effects are not recorded during the studies of Finasteride, and therefore WHO has given the drug the highest index of the pharmacological safety.

Due to this, Generic Finasteride 5 mg online is allowed for sale without prescription, and it may be bought in any country. Therefore, if you cannot find the drug in the pharmacies of the city or you do not like a high cost of Proscar pills, you can order Generic Fincar in the online pharmacy, and it will cost by 2-3 times cheaper.

In spite of the lower cost of Generic, you will have the same result as during the use of the original drug. And a cost of the therapeutic course will be lower, especially if the treatment takes several months.